Mar 8, 2014

McDonalds Strikes Again!

New ponies inbound for McDonalds (why can't it ever be Burger King?).  St to sell between March 28 to April 24, so basically the month of April.  You'll notice these are the God awful "Rainbow Power" things that have been invading.  At first I thought this was just a nonsense toy line but the amount it's been pushed it's pretty much a given that this will happen in the show.  Let's only hope if a one off episode and not a consistent change.  Otherwise, the Luna and DJ Pon-3 look pretty good with Celestia taking an alright, but the rest of the main 6 )or should I say 5 because Applejack is nowhere to be seen, apparently I'm not the only one who thinks she's forgettable) aren't really all that great.

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