Mar 22, 2014

Jan Animations Hasbro Takedown

Whenever anyone gets too "Oh we love Hasbro/the MLP team" just remember that they really like it when you say that, but at the end of the day they don't give one jot or tittle about you.  A lot of people really like Jan Animation's stuff, he does Button's Adventure's (I still haven't watched them, but they're save to my hard drive so I still can) and Picture Perfect Pony, probably others but since they're all gone I can't check.  And as you can probably infer from that, Hasbro has done gone and copyrighted him, demanding him remove all his stuff.

Vocaroo - Takedown explanation and plans >>

Basically Jan Animations wants to work professionally as an animator so he's not going to fight back, and instead they're going to do a new IP (basically Button's as a human I assume) which means it's no longer anything pony related so I've stopped caring.  It's a sad day in the fandom indeed.

Try reading this and see if your stomach doesn't churn at the sliminess of it all.

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