Mar 19, 2014

Glenn Beck is down with the ponies

Whelp, I didn't see that coming.  But hey, I'm A-okay with it.  What's going on is he's basically supporting Grayson Bruce (the kid who was bullied for liking MLP).  Now Glenn Beck usually ins't a lot of people's favorite person, but at the risk of causing a political shitstorm (please let's not) I've never shied away from saying I'm deeply conservative, and I like Glenn alright.  I disagree with him on occasions but I often listen to him and Rush on the radio heading home from Burger King.  So the fact that a big name conservative comes out as supporting Bronies (that makes me super happy), also reading the comments on his video and finding out that there are more conservative bronies out there is also uplifting.  Now just need to get Rush Limbaugh on the pony bandwagon and my conservative Brony checklist will be complete.

And now I'm sure everyone following this blog has now left in disgust, cursing my name as the slam the door.

Can also read about it here.

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