Feb 17, 2014

Sexy MLP toys, Breezies, and the return of Chrysalis?

Aong with all the guady looking pony designs and some more Equestria Girls dolls, we see a Queen Chrysalis toy with some lace, red things, and socks.  Considering the silly obsession this fandom has with ponies wearing socks, this is basically porn.  Also, does this hint that we may be seeing a return of Chyrsalis?  Does she make an appearance in Rainbow Rocks perhaps?  Also when is the freaking Princess Set with her minifigure going to show up in stores, I've been waiting on that set for what feels like a year now.

(EDIT)  DA FREAK IS GOING ON!!!  Supposedly the Royal Surprise set dropped back in August and the only store I can find with even a hint of it is K-Mart....... Guess I'm going to make the trek to find a K-Mart now.

A certain guy I know really likes Octavia, so here she is in Equestria Girls form, maybe taking up a role in the upcoming sequel?

And here's what a Breezie looks like.  Ehh, the antenna seems a bit over the top and large for my taste, but I'm sure they'll be put to good use in rule 34..... what I meant to say was I need to see them in actual animation before I can make a call on whether or not these or good or not.

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