Feb 14, 2014

OIM Banner 32 Nocturna, Like a Dog with a Bone

Dusty - "I just want to hug you."
Nocturna - "Not a chance."
Dusty - "Well can I hug Maneia then, just a hug.... one hug."
Nocturna - (Grabs Maneia)"Noone touches her but me."
Dusty - "But I made her... and you."
Nocturna - "And I can unmake you if you don't back off."
Dusty - "..............I'm gonna hug both of you and you're going to have to deal with it."
Nocturna - "Hug me and your dead, even think about touching my Maneia and your dead, then I'll reanimate you and kill you over and over again in an endless cycle of torment and misery."
Dusty - ".....jeezy pete.... is it your time of the month or something?"
Nocturna - (Horns bursts into intense magical light.)
Dusty - "..........well shit." (Bursts into a million meaty bloody chunks.)

The snow and ice has mostly cleared and the Burger King is open again, so I made a special trip into town just for you guys! Happy Valentines Day everybody!

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