Feb 22, 2014

New York Toy Fair Stuff

While I'm still foaming at the mouth for that Royal Surprise Set, I really, really want these charm bracelets.  I used to have that Brony wristband thing from Hot Topic but I lost it somehow.... it literally got pulled off my arm and I didn't notice.... that was a sad day.

More toys things below.

I hope they're reasonably priced because I'mma buy them all!

I haven't really kept up with the world of plushies, mostly because the official ones are all awful, but that Luna looks pretty good, and if I cared about Spike that's a fairly good one as well.

Just what I always wanted, ponies in light winter wear....... I'm being sarcastic in case my performance was too nuanced.

Done reviewed these Dusty's My Little Pony Toy Extravaganza But now instead of fishing in the mystery capsules you can just straight up buy them.

Your Fluttershy has evolved from doormat to stairs!  Thank you I'll be here all week.

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