Feb 27, 2014

Breezies, not the worst thing ever... but not great either

If you just really want to keep the Breezies design a surprise then I've put the image and my thoughts below the break.

1. Those legs, why are they so long and thin.  Yeah I get they're supposed to be bug like but it's really creeping me out.
2.  those antenna, why are they so dag gum long, about half that size would have been fine.
3. The two ponies on the bottom right (red main and purple with white streaks mane) are the only ones with decent looking (and I use that term loosely) manes.  The rest don't look at that great and the poofy green one just looks dumb.
4.The legs, the antenna, and the wings all look way to big for their bodies, they look horribly misshapen and proportions that are just unsettling to look at.  Maybe in motion they'll look better, but very trepidatious.

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