Jan 18, 2014

Princess Molestia.... is no more

Ask Princess Molestia, one of the most well know and longest running Ask Pony tumblers is gone.  It's not just done but gone, the creator deleted the account in what seems a tad overkill.  Many people didn't like the site because many Bronies are prudish and oversensitive constantly on a puritan crusade to ruin everyone's fun, and while I personally no longer followed the Ask, if only because I thought the jokes had gone stale, I'm unspeakably depressed to know it's no longer there.  Below is a post made by the author of the Ask.

"One and done

No it’s not coming back. I’m free from it. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed it. It was a fun ride.

I have The Lounge to finish and a fantasy comic to draw now. Already been working on it and it will launch around spring. It’s gonna be a doozy!"


  1. It was deleted because Hasbro saw that it was very, very popular, and they asked Tumblr poke the blog. So they took the easy way and removed the blog, but said that an archive of everything would be made soon. Its takedown had nothing to do with social justice warriors.

    1. Alright, so it was a Hasbro thing.

      I wasn't insinuating that the Down With Molestia people were the cause, I just wanted to express my displeasure of that particular facet of Bronies.