Jan 6, 2014

Pony Pics 219

That point where you realize you've put off doing a new Pony Pics too long and have to sort through 400+ pics.

That feeling you get when you realize you've waded through all those pics and can finally go home.

Now onward to Pictures of Ponies!

I'm assuming Twilight exploded since the star is the same as her cutie mark.

Why?  Why are so many people into you?  Why!?!?!?

You'd be surprised how little the rule 34 artists made Applejack's sweet apple flank the target of Flutterbat's desire.  Oh don't get me wrong there's a ton of pics of that, just not as many as you'd hope.

Forget the glowing orb, I see two that are much more desirable.

Yep, Fluttershy is the go to transformation Pony now.  Don't forget Rage Fluttershy in Putting your hoof down, tree Fluttershy from way back when, and I'm sure there will be more.  Everyone remembers the whole Flutter-dragon rumor that never came to be.

I've yet to live down the shame of not initially getting the Fill-second pun.

"Everything went according to plan."

Saves the world multiple times, still ends up in the slums of New York.

If Vampire Fruit bats like fruit and we've seen plain fruit bats look like fruit, so does that mean the Vampire Fruit bats eat the fruit bats?

Looks like she threw a New Year's bash! ... get it... bash.. as in with the bat.... I'm funny dammit!

And then the crumbling castle fell in on top of them, cutting the season dramatically short.

And let's end this on Flutterbats end, ifn' you know what I mean.

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