Jan 15, 2014

Play me off Pinkie!

So you can now buy a full sized My Little Pony Grand Piano.... okay not really, but if you want a small toy piano plastered with MLP vectors, then today is your lucky day.  At this point MLP has so much merch that it's ridiculous, but what's really ridiculous is that so little of it is actually anything anyone would want.  The small molded figures are good, but they're so few and far between... I'm still waiting on that Queen Chrysalis set!  The MO seems to be, just put pony stickers on everything and profit, but what they need to do is focus on making more high quality pony merch, that's what would really get me to spend my money, not a toy piano with some stickers on it.  Although a Rubik's Cube is a pretty good object to slap pony stickers on.

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