Jan 18, 2014

My Little Pony Season 4 Episode 10 Rainbow Falls

A new Rainbow Dash episode is almost here! What more need I say?

And a backup link.

As always, we'll put up an embed as soon as it's available. And if you want to watch the episode as it airs, go ahead and check out one of the streams below!
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  1. I'm late I'm late! (Scrambles to connect to internet, finds post has already been made, sighs with relief.) Thanks Drom!

  2. what the hell is with the rainbow sparkle or beam with every episode or the shimmer of rainbow that has been happening to their eyes!!???!!!???

    1. Willing to bet the rainbow shiny objects are going to turn out to be the keys to unlock the mystery box from the premier. And the shiny eyes are the moment they realize what they've been doing wrong and then prove their element of harmony. Kind of stupid, but I'd bet the farm that's were this is headed.