Jan 8, 2014

Four new season four episode names revealed

Well, we just got a bunch of names to mull over.  Feel free to take a stab at what these episodes could be about.  By the by, I'm getting sick again... I think.  I've been on and off sick for the past 4 weeks, I just can't stop coughing.... I'm actually starting to get worried, but I refuse to go to the doctors office.  If there's a doctor in the audience.... help.

Episode 13 - Simple Ways
I imagine this has something to do with Applejack living the laid back country lifestyle, but that all comes crashing down when she murders a pony and now has to get away with the perfect crime before her way of life comes crumbling down around her.

 Episode 14 - Filli Vanilli
A washed up pony rap star comes to town and gets the CMC into a gang, they then proceed to beat down the rest of the foals in town and force Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon into a life of prostitution, gotta get those bits baby!

Episode 15 - Twilight Time
.....probably and episode about Twilight.... just a guess.  Twilight decides she's had enough of ponies not treating her like a Princess and dethrones Celestia, turning Equestria into a iron fist dictatorship, where friendship is mandate or else you suffer the penalty of death.  In the end she learns a lesson about taking on more than you can handle and that it's okay to ask your friends for help when rounding up all the heretics to send to the death camps.

Episode 16 - It Ain't Easy Being Breezies
Fluttershy transforms yet again, this time into a puff of wind.  Her friends try to keep her from being scattered to the ends of the earth, but fail immediately.  The rest of the episode has them dealing with lose and learning that you can't save everyone and that death is a natural part of things.  They then paint Rainbow Dash yellow and make her Fluttershy mark 2.

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