Dec 18, 2013

The Lord of Dust on Crepuscular Bronies Aftermath

So CBD (Crepuscular Bronies Discus) recently asked me if I would be interested in guesting on their show.  As y'all know my internet situation isn't very good, but I can Skype from my car at KFC, so before I go all Captain Clusterfuck on their main show (as of now scheduled for December 29) they wanted to do a dry run off  with me during their last aftermath.  And the above is what was born that day.  Watch in horror as I'm always slight behind in the conversation, express my opinion poorly, and make dick jokes.  I'll level with y'all, I wasn't expecting to actually do a show, I was under the impression I'd be on for a minute or so to test my wifi connection, so I'm a bit shell shocked at first.  But it was fun and I hope y'all tune in December 29, for the real deal.

Also, if anyone wants to critique my performance, and offer any advice I'd appreciate it.  This was my first time on a podcast and I'm not super sure how I'm supposed to act.


  1. Just finished watching up to when you had to leave and I thought it went pretty damn well. You talked a good amount, but not too much, and there was only one dick joke. I liked it!

    1. I find it shamefully hilarious that we joked that I should just do dick jokes when I went on, and then I go and a dick joke.

      But yeah, it wasn't as bad as I had psyched myself out to be.

    2. Dick jokes smash ice like Dash smashes rock towers.