Dec 23, 2013

Pony Pics 218

Pony Pics time!  It starts of slow, but boy do I end strong... that means penis jokes.  The best Christmas present.

Alright, now all you have to do is redraw every single frame from the episode, then string them together.  Get on that,

You know what, I'd be A-okay with Mojo Jojo being a new MLP villain.  At least it couldn't be as bad as Double Rainboom.

It's funny because the writers love completely fucking up Twilight... I'm never ever going to not bang that drum am I?

Yeah right, Raibow wouldn't be able to resist going fast and if she picked up even the slightest speed I'm 100% certain Dinky would be left behind on a Rainbow shaped puff of dust.

By those facial expressions, I think it's safe to say Luna's going to destroy her.

Those eyes... why'd this pic have to have creepy eyes.... why?

I know Chrysalis reaps peoples love, but this is ridiculous!

Sort of maybe questionable pics below.
She doesn't even need go Hulk for those breasts to burst out of that top.

Dusty - "So Luna, what's more delicious, that popsicle or my sweet dick?"
Luna - "1,000 years banishment, no trial"
Dusty - "Oh.... that sucks."
Luna - "Yes. For you, it does."
Dusty - "You know what else sucks?  You on my dick!"
Luna - "Yeah, I'm just going to turn you to stone now."
Dusty - "Baby you've already done that, because I'm rock hard."
Luna - *Sighs*,*Zap*


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    1. No, my one true ship has to be Rarity, but Luna is a fine harem addition.