Dec 18, 2013

Episode 7 "Bats!" synopsis

That's one heck of a grimdark looking screen cap if I've ever seen one.  Jeez, it looks like Applejack is going to murder Fluttershy.  "You're either on my side or the bats side, and if your on there side, then you can die with them!

Season 4 Episode 7 "Bats!" - "When Applejack’s beautiful orchard falls under attack on Apple Bucking Day, it is clear that the dreaded Vampire Fruitbats have returned and Applejack is ready to take drastic measures to protect the orchard. However, the always compassionate Fluttershy argues for a more humane plan, which causes conflict between the two and could cost them their friendship."

Episode is due December 28, so the last episode of the year.

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