Dec 30, 2013

Dusty's No Asses Were Given My Little Pony Season 4 Episode 7 Bats! Review

I told you there probably wouldn't be a review, and I tried, but I got so far as jotting down my notes while watching the episode and then just couldn't go any farther..... I was sick (still am) and also busy with the CBD livecast.  But just so you can know my overall thoughts on the episode, I'll paste my notes below the break.

Season 4 Episode 7 Bats!

Have to yell BATS! because it has an exclamation.

So let's just say it, this was the Halloween episode we deserved.

Applejack is already awake just staring at the trees, waiting for dawn on "Apple Bucking day". This seemed really out of character because she's usually the practical, no nonsense type pony, and as such she would know that she needed to get the apples in as soon as possible. If she was already up she would have just started bucking. A few hours doesn't magical make the Apples ripe. I live in a farm heavy part of the country, most of my relatives are farmers, most of the people I know are farmers, I've never ever heard a farmer say, we should wait till sunrise to pick these apples. No, they go out before the crack of dawn and start as early as the can.

(Applejack rings bell) It's the Applejack signal, or conversely main six signal because all they have to do is ring a bell and it summons them all at the exact same time.  Would have thought Rainbow Dash would have gotten there first, but nope, everypony goes converges simultaneously.

Applejack's got big apples, you could say it's "the apple of her eye". Buh, dum, tish!

Finally a good song, in a fairly songless season (Hearts as big as horses doesn't count because that song was garbage). Plus it's shaded all dark so that's freaking awesome.  Also there were some cool grimdark moments (if you use your imagination) like when twilight said, no one leaves this orchard, when they cut the apple it very bleeding like, and Rarity goes they must be stamped out.

Fluttershy wants to build an orchard, but that would take time, and the bats could totally demolish Applejack's orchard during the building process. Guess what, no apples means food shortage, so while the bats are full the ponies go hungry, guess what, no apples means no money for Applejack, guess what, farmers live all year off of harvest time, if they have just one bad year, they could lose everything. Plus even if they did magically make a sanctuary lickety split, that'd be a whole section of Applejack's orchard that she would be giving up, as in losing the money and food. Well there's some bats so I'll just give up part of my livelihood.

Fluttershy makes the case really hard that they're loving parents and famliy oriented, but she already admitted this is the first time she's ever even seen Vampire bats, so how the hell does she know what they do.

Applejack's entire family is off to a competition, on what is possibly the most important day of the year for a farmer. Uh, no.

Flutterbat, freaking awesome. I guess Fluttershy is now the go to transformation pony. Flutterbat, Flutterhulk, Tree, Assertive Fluttershy, etc.

Where'd they get all those mirrors so fast at that time of night.  Uh, at the plot hole store?

So why did the spell reverse back to the bats? The reason why Fluttershy transformed was because it bounced off of the bats and ricocheted onto her. But the bats were nowhere in site when twilight cured Fluttershy.

So Applejack spent all that time building a fence, now all the rest of her crops are decimated. Sorry Applebloom but it's going to be a light Christmas. Also guess what, bats aren't just going to stay behind a fence, they're going to still fly out and get all your apples. This is like having a mouse problem so instead of getting rid of the mice you convert your child's bedroom into the rat room.

Fluttershy, they'll drop seeds and you'll get more trees. Those orchards are pretty tight already, and I imagine Applejack farms all the land she owns, so where are these new trees going to actually grow? Plus the bats will just eat those to. Also I'll take another approach, Fluttershy says they'll spread seeds far and wide, but Applejack may not want a super rapid expansion, there's only so much her family can do and besides that it could be detrimental, because you want to meet the demand for apples, but you also don't want to flood the market.  (Cut to Equestrian Wallstreet, "No! These Apple stocks are worthless!"

I'm looking forward to a fanfic version of this where Fluttershy is a real vampire pony and instead of cutting the apple to attract her they sacrifice a pony or the like.  I vote Pinkie Pie!

The moral was stupid, because this problem doesn't apply at all to the real world, her solution would have never worked. You build fences to keep land animals in/out, a flying animal is kind of pointless.  She still has bats eating apples in her orchard, how is this any different than the beginning of the episode?  The moral was don't give into peer pressure, but basically this is just saying that your friends are always wrong and your opinions are always right.  "All of you agree we should do x, but you know what, I think we should do y so fuck all you guys, I'm right."

What was with Fluttershy's bat tooth in the end. Is this suggesting she's still a vampire bat? Will this play up in the future? Season 4 has been ending with a lot of episodes leaving you with questions and possible future episodes. Episode 1, the box, episode 3 the shadow pony, episode 4 possible daring do in the future, episode 5, Equestria Games are still on the way, episode 6 the comic magically disappears so who know what that means.  Season finale, all the plotlines converge and have an all out mess of things.

Overall a pretty decent episode, but a problem I've had with most of this season is that I just want the episodes to be longer. The build up was too long and Flutterbat got resolved too quickly. What was better, Flutershy and Applejack arguing about their stance on bats, or Fluttershy swooping around like a bat out of hell? I wish they'd do more two parters or pace the episodes better (Power Ponies had this same problem). 6 vampire ponies out of 10.

Next weeks is Rarity takes Manehattan, so YES!!! Rarity episode!

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