Dec 28, 2013

Dusty on Crepuscular Bronies Discuss Reminder
Go there tomorrow at 1PM to see me in all my live glory.

Want to see me talk about Equestria Girls, Flight to the Finish, and Erectile Dysfunction?  Then go here CBD Aftermath.


  1. I'm really excited about this! I bet Dusty is still a little nervous though...

    Sorry you're probably going to be sick for it, Dusty.

    1. Whelp, that was a mortifying disaster and a half. Between only being on during the beginning and end of the podcast, being unintelligible, having nothing to contribute (seriously the whole mirrors thing, da fuck could I add?) Probably sounding like a right dummy with the few points I did try to push... and my car battery died. I was told I could be invited back whenever I wanted.... but damn, so ashamed. Oh well, at least my misery is hopefully good watching.