Dec 9, 2013

Daring Don't Obsession Is Magic Review

The Brony parody episode, just right or too close to home? 

Sup Obsessers, yeah I haven't called y'all that in a while, get used to it.  I've got two things to mention. 

1) The new Christmas banner.  You may have noticed that Nocturna looks a tad different, as in she has a whole new mane style.  I was getting dissatisfied with her old mane and after watching this amazing work of animation I decided to ape a certain character's hair style.

2) I've just recently gotten sick and feel less than up to doing a Pony Pics, so as soon as I recover I'll make it up to you with a good one.


  1. Must... resist... urge to watch... must see... episode.... first...

    1. Resist! It's much more sweeter with episode knowledge.