Nov 13, 2013

Screenshots, major spoilery screenshots

Supposedly these are screenshots from the premier.  Now take this with a grain of salt because there's several things wrong with these.  Screenshots would have the hub symbol in the bottom right, not the top and from official press releases we know the title is just Princess Twilight,not Princess Twilight Sparkle, (Nevermind, a new update has confirmed the new title) so while these look sort of legit, we just don't know if they're real of not.  On the off chance they are real, I'll hide the rest below the break.

Oh my stars and bars, are we getting Nightmare Moon in the first episode?  I'm 100% okay with this.  If she resurrects Sombra to be her evil boyfriend, I'd probably just explode in joy.

Celestia is dead.  If they actually boldly kill off a character I'll forgive them for everything they did in season 3.

Discord and Nightmare Moon........ please episode, get her faster.

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