Nov 27, 2013

My Little Pony Season 4 Episode 3 Castle-mania

Turns out the next episode of MLP has been leaked early, in surprisingly decent quality.  Now if you want to stay pure and wait for Saturday then go right ahead, but if you're impatient, (and watch the episodes online anyway) then I'm not saying that I've embedded the episode below, but you may be pleasantly surprised if you hit that page break.

Alright, its now Saturday so I'm updating this post.

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  1. Saw SoundSpeed do a reaction to it, loved it. Went on iBrony, CommunistSauron had a link to the MediaFire download. I now have it on a 16GB Flash Drive dedicated to MLP.

    1. I love my 80G duracell one dedicate to Anything pony furrie or Dr.Who

  2. The video is down, change it to this.

  3. OHMAHGAWD!!! (\(^3^)/) SOOO awesome!!!! <3

  4. Apparantly you guys really wanted the episode early because this post has been blowing up.