Oct 2, 2013

Shantae Kickstarter... 60 Hours to Go!

As far as I can tell, there aren't any new MLP or Transformers comics coming out this week, but I have something far more exciting (and completely unrelated) to post about anyway!

That's right, there's only two and a half days left before we reach the end of the Kickstarter funding period for "Shantae: Half-Genie Hero"!
I know I said it last time I posted about this project, but NOW is the time to make a pledge. And WayForward recently revealed a couple of backer exclusive rewards to sweeten the deal for those last-minute pledges! (For those who have already pledged, don't worry. If you went for any of the reward tiers that come with the game, you'll be getting this stuff too.)
Click on the above images for details on those two rewards!

This, of course, brings me to my next point of discussion... Risky's backer exclusive "Drifter Blade" is only one side of an epic Kickstarter cross-over. The other side of that cross-over will be Risky-related backer exclusive content for another video game project on Kickstarter: Hyper Light Drifter!
Explore a beautiful, vast and ruined world riddled with unknown dangers and lost technologies. Inspired by nightmares and dreams alike.
Check out the Hyper Light Drifter Kickstarter here, and details on their exclusive cross-over content here!

One final note: With the Shantae Kickstarter rapidly drawing to a close, I imagine that there's some concern that WayForward might not reach many of their Stretch Goals... Fret not, my friends! WayForward also has a PayPal store for this project, and said the following about it:
We are currently planning on keeping the PayPal store open for several months after the Kickstarter campaign ends and all PayPal pledges will count toward the STRETCH GOALS!  We'll update the main Kickstarter page with our PayPal total regularly so that everyone can see our continued progress ^_^
So there you have it! If people keep making pledges, it's entirely possible that we could still make it all the way to that last "Animated Cutscenes" goal!

EDIT: Sometime after I made this post, WayForward actually added yet ANOTHER backer exclusive reward!
Again, click on the image for details on that particular reward.
Now, to answer a question that some of you may have: Yes. All three of those backer exclusive rewards will also be available for anyone who chooses to make their pledge via PayPal. It doesn't have to be through Kickstarter. And this means that, if you go with the PayPal option, you still have several months before time is up for you to make that pledge and get those goodies!


  1. I kind of doubt they'll get all the way up to voice acting and animations.... but that be super amazing if they did.

    1. I said it was "entirely possible". Not necessarily LIKELY though... But yeah, I would love to see those things get into the game.
      More importantly, however, I absolutely MUST have those "Hero Modes". Getting the opportunity to play as Rottytops would be the best thing ever. XD