Sep 4, 2013

Pony Pics 205

And that was the day Rainbow Dash mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen again.

I don't decide which of her "guns" I prefer.

Who else is looking forward to the 50th anniversary special?  I know I am!

Derpy, the greatest villain.

Not blood red yes?  I know about a million people who are getting their torches and pitchforks as we speak.  Although I like her not having silly eyes.

Those timber wolves don't look very timber-y.

Batponies... I'm still indescribably upset by this nonsense.

Apple Bloom always prefers going bareback.

The arists wrote a story to go with this pic and I thought it was worth sharing.
"In an alternate universe far, far away from MLP:FiM's canon, King Sombra leverages some basic degree of sentience and hides the Crystal Heart somewhere that wouldn't be in plain sight of any Pegasus flying over the Empire. Much to poor Twilight’s dismay, the foggy black shadow king has hidden the relic so well that she’s unable to locate it in a timely fashion. Frustrated, stressed out, and desperate, Twilight decides to utilize her super secret "Plan B" as a last minute attempt to tap into the hidden power of the Crystal Ponies. Though her plan is clearly working, Sombra has somehow managed to slip through the protective border around the empire and continue his Mexican themed evil crystal shenanigans within the city. Will Twilight be able to put a stop to Sombra’s wacky one-liner dialogue and general skullduggery? Probably not If she gets all of her friends to blow raspberries on the Crystal ponies’ stomachs, then maybe."

It's Foxinshadow time!  His art is so awesome and dark that I can't think of anything good, so presented without comment I guess.

All I can say is when Foxinshadow is on, he is really on.

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  1. yay, my Vinyl butt got here.

    and Dusty... there is a *special* version of it, which I'm sure you saw already, but I will mention it anyways =P