Aug 24, 2013

Tall Tales, Tails, and Tellers

I posted the other day that the creature formerly known as M.A. Larson claimed "batponies" were a separate race.  Now Lauren freaking Faust has come in and says that yup, they live in caves and guard Luna's palace.  1)  Luna has a palace?  I thought she and Celestia just shared one.  2) If they were a race how come when Celestia showed off all the races before, she only named/ had in stained glass, unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies?  3) F@ck Everything!!!  GoldenSandslash was right!

Want to relive Equestria Girls, or just want to set off your Rainbow Dash cosplay?  Well then go over here and buy yourself one.  At around $15 it's not too expensive, and the idea of owning a clip on tail is strangely alluring.

Penn of Penn and Teller fame, tweeted this.  Soon we will own all the celebrities, then the world!


  1. Wait what? GoldenSandslash was right? When did I say anything about batponies?

    1. Not about batponies. I meant about the show in general nosediving in quality.