Aug 17, 2013

Pony Pics 201

There is jack diddly squat news to post today.  And seeing as how I only post stuff if it's interesting, that means a whole lot of nothing going on here.... so have a Pony Pics...... I guess.

Are socks still a thing?  I haven't seen much of them lately.... yeah she isn't wearing socks, but the hoodie made me think of clothes, which lead to socks, which lead to overused, but now dead memes.

Screw Twilight, this is the true princess!

An apple a day keeps the writers from completely making you absolutely boring... or something like that.

I'm so afraid of there being a beach/ocean episode because the way Hasbro has been making horribly decisions with MLP lately, they'll probably bring back seaponies. (shudders)

Yes, no use the sword to chop of those pesky wings... please!

Staring contest!  I'll win for sure, I just know it!

No sexy time today... awww.

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