Aug 28, 2013

On The Right Track

On The Right Track, A Maneia Short

A very short story featuring Maneia and Nocturna. I doubt I'll be writing any more full length fan fics any time soon, but I'll probably be doing some of these shorts from time to time.

“I think I've changed my mind,” Maneia whimpered, sweating profusely. Wriggling, the blue mare struggled against the painfully tight ropes binding her forehooves and midsection. Flipping her mane out-of-the-way, her pupils shrank as her eyes traced the far stretching iron rails. “This isn't fun any more.”

With a slight smile turning the corners of her mouth, Nocturna placed a gentle hoof against Maneia's cheek, and tenderly turned the mare the face her. “Calm yourself. I'll be right beside you.” Stepping off the tracks and taking several steps back, Nocturna's ears perked as a far off whistle echoed across the grassy field.

Upon hearing the noise, Maneia began thrashing violently, desperately trying to roll her body off uncomfortable metal. “It's not where you're going to be that concerns me!”

“Now, now,” The necromantic unicorn soothed while forcibly holding down Maneia with her magic, “it was your idea for us to find some excitement.” The words rolling off her tongue and permeating the air, as if their very utterance had cast a dark and foreboding shadow upon the otherwise cheery meadow.

With and audible gulp, Maneia quickly shook her head. “Being splattered by a train isn’t what I had in mind!”

Storming down the tracks, black smoke belching from it's fiery heart, the iron horse burst forth from the forest, making it's way into the hills and meadows, an angel of death, bearing every closer to the awaiting mares.

“Now let's go over it again,” Nocturna said calmly, addressing the bound mare as a teacher would a particularly slow student. “I'll wait until the train draws close, allowing you to get a thrilling rush of adrenaline. At the last possible moment, because I wouldn't want to deprive you of your excitement, I'll simply teleport you out of harms way.”

“I've had enough excitement now,” Maneia said through clenched teeth, trying to gnaw away at the binding ropes. “please get me off of here now.”

“What?” The white mare said feigning hurt. “You don't trust me? Well I suppose this will just have to become a trust building exercise.”

Panicking, the blue mare kicked her hind hooves, trying to push against Nocturna's overbearing magic.

“I wouldn't do that,” Nocturna warned casually. “If you move around too much, you might throw off my aim, and then you really would have a problem.”

Freezing stock still, Maneia 's chest heaved as her breathe came fast and deep. Slight tremors ran through the rails, the oppressive chugs of the engine steadily grew louder and louder. “Okay! I'm sorry!”

“Oh?” Nocturna queried impassively. “Whatever for?”

With tears starting to run down her face, Maneia sobbed a reply, “I was the one who ate the pie!”

Nocturna glared at the trussed up pony. “I thought you said Wildflower got into the fridge and ate all the pie. The pie that I trusted you with saving until I returned from my trip.”

“Well you see, I wanted to wait for you, and I only wanted a small taste,” Maneia spoke quickly desperately trying to arrive at the truth before the train arrived at her. “But a small taste turned into a big one, which turned into a piece, which turned into several pieces, and before I knew it I had eaten it all! I knew you'd be like this so I blamed Wildflower! I'm sorry, I'll buy you as many pies as you want to make up for it, just please get me out of here!?”

“Have you learned a valuable lesson from this experience?” Nocturna asked nonchalantly.

“Yes! I'll never do it again!”

“I originally only wanted to force you to tell the truth,” Nocturna said, looking down on the distressed mare. “But I'm actually having fun.”

“I'm happy for you! Now let's go have fun somewhere else!” Maneia shouted, her panic quickly evolving into terror.

Almost upon them, the train's whistle blew loud and clear. “You know, I've always found a certain beauty in the macabre,” Nocturna said eying the mare.

“We don't have time for jokes!”

“I am a necromancer after all,” Nocturna said with a disconcerting smile and blush. “So rest assured, I'll be sure to... intimately, put you back together again.”

A shiver ran down Maneia's spine as the whistle's piercing cry drowned out her words. “Ha ha, enough joking... you're joking... right?”

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