Aug 17, 2013

Hub Saturday Lineup for 8/17

Starting at 6:00AM ET, The Hub will be airing a Pound Puppies marathon, containing nearly every episode of season 3 that has come out so far. (The only two that won't be airing today are "Fright at the Museum" and "Beauty is Only Fur Deep".) And at the end of the marathon, The Hub will be airing two new episodes.

Pound Puppies 11:00AM ET and 11:30AM ET
"The Watchdogs"
"Strudel begins moonlighting as a superhero, but the work has a negative impact on her day job."
"Hail to the Chief"
"Strudel agrees to help find a home for a rowdy pup until she realizes the pup is destined to move into the White House."

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