Jul 6, 2013

The Longer Ranger: Greatest Movie of the Year

The title of this post pretty much says it all.  I went and saw The Lone Ranger and thought it was an absolute blast.  Now I didn't do a review of it because I suck at reviewing movies and if I did it would just degenerate into me talking about how much I hate everyone in the world and so on, but I needed to throw this out there.  Reviews of this movie have been abysmal.  Everywhere you look people are absolutely destroying it, heck as of this post it has a 24% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Ever complaint I see, I shake my head and go, "did you even see the same movie I saw?"  And even if I agreed with any of these complaints, I could just counter with, "Did you freaking see those train sequences?!?!?"  Seriously, the action in this movie is almost orgasmic at times.  The climatic train scene at the end it worth the price of admission alone.

In conclusion, if you haven't seen his movie then, YOU.  MUST.  GO. SEE. THIS. MOVIE.  No holds bared, by far the funnest time I've had with a movie this year.  If the box office continues the way it's going, I doubt we'll be seeing a sequel, and that's a world I don't want to live in.  So go support this movie.... just do it!!!

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  1. I wish I had more of a fun time, but I just didn’t. Almost way too boring for me really. Good review.