Jul 20, 2013

Cupcake Ponies, because this was so needed

Okay, so I'm usually on the forefront of saying we need to go out and buy pony toys to support the show, but well, I can't really say that for these.  There's been more and more pony merch popping up but it's starting to get more and more stupid.  Ponies as cupcakes?  Oooooookaaaaaaaay.  How about somebody make a King Sombra figure?  God knows they might accidently give us something other than a redesign of the main six/ "fan favorites" Derpy, Vinyl, and Doctor Whooves.  I suppose it's better to have a ton of not so good toys than no toys at all, but it just aggravates me when there's so much better stuff they could be making.


  1. oh NO, its finaly DONE!! RAINBOWDASH IS A CUPCAKE!

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