Jun 28, 2013

Hub Saturday Lineup for 6/29

This Saturday, "The Aquabats! Super Show!" will be airing its season 2 finale, wherein "Martin Starr ("Knocked Up") and Noel Wells ("Upright Citizens Brigade") guest star in an episode co-directed and co-written by Gerard Way ("My Chemical Romance")." Also, it's worth noting that Mikey Way (Gerard Way's brother, and former MCR bassist) will be guest-starring as one of the villains in this episode.
Unfortunately, this IS the season finale... And yes, that means that season 2 of "The Aquabats! Super Show!" is ending after only 5 episodes. And season 3 is still unconfirmed... That said, this finale sounds like it's going to be awesome, and I can't wait to see it! And whether we get a third season or not, this show has been one heck of a fun ride—a ride that I'm very happy I got the opportunity to enjoy! (Still, I do indeed have high hopes for that third season, and I'm really looking forward to the probable news of it happening.)
On a related note, The Hub will be airing a marathon of the other episodes from season 2, right after this finale.
And regarding other shows on the Hub, we'll also be getting a new episode of "Pound Puppies" on Saturday, and a new episode of "Secret Millionaires Club" on Sunday.
Details are posted below!

Pound Puppies 9:30AM ET
"It's Elementary My Dear Pup Club"
"Police pup Pepper is called to clear a little boy's name when the boy gets in trouble at school for something he claims he didn't do."
For those of you who tune in earlier, this episode will be immediately preceded by the previous one, "Puddles the Problem Pup", which will be airing at 9:00AM ET.

The Aquabats! Super Show! 1:00PM ET
"Two competing bands seeking revenge on The Aquabats! unite with evil Silver Skull and become the Anti-bats! Meanwhile, Ricky abandons The Aquabats! for newfound love and must choose between his new girlfriend and saving his friends as the mighty Anti-bats close in"
For those of you who stay tuned in afterward, this episode will be immediately followed by a marathon of all the previous episodes from season 2, starting at 1:30PM ET.

Secret Millionaires Club 9:00AM ET on Sunday, 6/30
"A Gift Shop Too Far"
"The gang head to Indonesia and get in over their heads when they try to help an orangutan sanctuary, a business about which they know little."

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