Jun 15, 2013

Hello Nightmares

So some Equestria Girls dolls have been unveiled and well, they look really kind of creepy to me.  Plus I'm confused as to why a pony version of Twilight would be on the box.  It's like they want to make a new non pony franchise, but they aren't willing to let go the the My Little Pony branding.  Also these are the anthro versions!!!  Remember how we kept on getting images of two versions of Equestria Girls?  One straight human, one with anthro ears and cutie marks tattooed on their faces?  Well we all know the movie went with human, but the toys are anthro?  What sense does that make?  This IP just continues to confuse me.

Seriously, look at that face and tell me you don't flinch away in fear.

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