Jun 12, 2013

Halo on Xbox One: Official E3 Trailer

Thinking about passing up the Xbox One in favor of the PlayStation 4? That's okay, I don't blame ya. I mean, that thing DOES look pretty sweet... Just keep in mind that turning your nose up at the new Xbox will mean that you won't get to enjoy the next installment in the Halo franchise. And that, my friend, is a fate so terrible I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy...
So yeah, this trailer certainly didn't reveal much, but the mere mention of a new Halo game is enough to get me pumped! 343 did a wonderful job with Halo 4, and I can't wait to see what they have in store for us next! I still have my doubts about the Xbox One, and I probably won't be getting one until just before this game comes out, but darn it... *grabby hands*


  1. I hope they don't rush it and start churning one out every year like Call of Duty. Also this is where I ashamedly admit I still haven't played Halo 4.

    1. Naw, I'm pretty sure that 343 can be trusted. I imagine that the Reclaimer Trilogy will pretty much stick to the pattern of a new main installment every two or three years, with spinoffs thrown in during the gaps, which is nothing new for the franchise.

      Now then... You haven't played Halo 4 yet!? What is wrong with you!?!? I mean, of all the games that came out last year (including Transformers: Fall of Cybertron), I'd have to say that Halo 4 was easily my favorite. I hope you haven't seen too many spoilers, because I can't imagine the story would be nearly as impactful without actually playing through it and watching the events unfold as you go...