Jun 12, 2013

Equestria Girls Reminder

Just a heads up to that Equestria Girls is set to premier this Sunday (June 16).  I thought I'd give y'all a reminder, in case you were wanting to catch it in theaters.  I also realized it's been months since I've made a new banner. :(  Gotta fix that.


  1. Not sure when I'll actually get to see this, considering that I'll be a bit preoccupied this weekend, but I look forward to checking it out after I get back home.

    1. Heh, let's not mention that I posted up the wrong date, it premeier Sunday, not Saturday.

    2. Actually, it comes out in theaters on Sunday, but there was a pre-release screening at a festival in Los Angeles today.

      It was... better than I expected, honestly.

    3. You've already seen it? I'm not jealous at all.