Jun 24, 2013

Equestria Girls, pre-review

So I finally caved and drove 2 hours to find a theater that was showing Equestria Girls.  Now as y'all now I'm prone to making video reviews, so that's what I'll be working on this week and hopefully post on
Saturday.  But I thought I'd give y'all my general consensus on the movie, in case you're on the fence about seeing it or not.

Overall it has a lot of problems and nitpicks (which I will furiously tear asunder) and the story is exactly what you trailers tell us, so no twists or surprises, save for one scene where shit gets real, but in the end it has enough heart and a lot of humor to make it definitely worth seeing.  And if you see it in a theater I can almost guarantee you'll meet other Bronies, there was a small crowd at my showing (which you'll see in the review).

There's a copy floating around online (Reddit), but I'd highly suggest waiting for better quality/ going to the theater because so far the only things post online are really, really crappy quality.

Hijack by GSS! There is now a (somewhat) high quality version on YouTube here. It doesn't jitter around much and it stays centered and zoomed on the screen, so quality is more consistent (and better!), but it's obviously not like a screen recording or anything.

So it still won't be as good as when this actually airs on TV or on DVD or Bluray or however they intend to release it for private use.

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  1. I'm planning on seeing it this weekend, so that times out perfectly with your review! ^_^

    As for my last comment (sorry, I don't check the comments on this site often enough anymore), I actually hadn't seen the movie when I made that comment. And I still haven't. I was just saying that there WAS a premiere, not that I attended it.

    And the "it was better than it sounds" bit was what I heard from people who had seen it, not my personal opinion.

    Sorry for the mix-up!

    1. Well, I started watching it from that link you posted, and got about 20 minutes in before I shut it off. The whole "The writers are make fun of someone from another world for not understanding how our world does things" cliché is one that REALLY gets under my skin.

    2. Ehh, sorry to hear it didn't strike your fancy, but I really enjoyed it. Although I'm still tearing it to shreds in my review. Thanks for the updated link by the way, now I can actually have something to use in my video.

      And about your below links. The way I see it is that this doesn't have any impact on the MLP universe, which is stupid because at the end of the day nothing has changed, except Twilight has a secret crush on a royal guard.

    3. Actually, you'll be pleased to hear that I DID enjoy it. Just the first one-third of the movie was bad. The rest was pretty awesome.

  2. btw, if you're worried about how this will impact Season 4, take a look at the following:

    https://twitter.com/MMeghanMcCarthy/status/346349093565652992 - ESPECIALLY THIS ONE