Jun 5, 2013

Elements of Harmony Friends molded figures

I felt bad for y'all, so here's one post.  Another pack of those figures that I love so much has been revealed.  It's got Nightmare Moon, that's good, very good, (although her mane is a bit weird). a Mantciore, Rarity, (yay another freaking one), Steven Magnet, and a new and improved Fluttershy model, so I'm A-okay with getting a Fluttershy that actually looks like Fluttershy.


  1. My goodness, I'm tempted to get this just for that new Fluttershy. Though, I wonder how much this set and the Cake family one are going to cost, seeing as they contain more figures than the three-packs we've been getting.

    1. I'm not sure but, I'd estimated it at probably 15 dollars of so, or at least that's what I would imagine.