May 29, 2013

The Elements of Harmony, now in your living room!

So we haven't talked about this much, but on June 4 (my birthday by the by), a book called The Elements of Harmony will be released.  (Amazon link)  Essential what it is, is a guide to MLP.  The above video flips through the actual book and it looks like it goes through every episode (season 1-3) and just gives a summary of them.  It would be kind of cool to have I suppose, as a coffee table kind of book, but honestly, I don't really see the point or understand all the excitement.  Do you really need a book that summarizes all the episodes and characters?  I mean we've already seen the episodes, we already know what happened. Plus it seems to have some clashing information. (Ex.  Cloudchaser is now refereed to as Stormwalker.)  What about you guys, anyone planning on rushing out and getting a copy?


  1. Actually, yeah, I plan on buying this book for pretty much the same reason that I would get one of the fiction-based guidebooks from DK (like "Halo: The Essential Visual Guide"). These kinds of books are usually filled with stuff that's already common knowledge to the target audience, and usually even contain a few errors here and there... But people still buy them because they're downright FUN to have (in my opinion, at least). And yeah, they CAN be a helpful reference sometimes. Take a closer look at that video; it appears that this book will even have the lyrics to all of MLP's songs! How about that, Dusty? ;)

    Now then... Upcoming birthday, you say? *cue Pinkie Pie popping up out of nowhere and breaking into song*

  2. I probably won't be rushing out to buy one, but if I happen to stumble upon one at a bookstore or something, I may flip through it.

  3. I agree it would be a pretty novel thing to have, it's just not this awesome game changer or anything.