May 24, 2013

The BronyDays: Guests Announcement

Press release:

The BronyDays staff is pleased to announce three new guests who will attend the convention in Paris, October 2013:
  • The Living Tombstone, one of the biggest musicians in the fandom, will be present! Check out his channel here.
  • LaserPon3, famous for his spectacular laser shows, will perform at the convention! His channel here.
  • Yulynh, a very talented visual artist, who designed the posters for both our convention and the crowdfunding campaign, will also be at the BronyDays! Check out her Deviant Art here

Inviting these guests has been made possible by our fundraising campaign which is still running, and our higher reward is a lunch with the guests of honour, including M.A. Larson, Jananimations, The Living Tombstone and LaserPon3... That's an opportunity you don't want to miss!
 More info about the BronyDays here.

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