May 11, 2013

Pony Pics 181

Now that's the Chrysalis I know, not the mamby pamby one everyone seems to want to believe in.

And we're back to sweet Chrysalis.  Seriously am I the only one who read the IDW comics!  I'm freaking mentally scarred after that.

Ehh, I look like that every time I use red paint too.

Pony hats?  If this became a thing it wouldn't surprise me in the least, not in this fandom.

Rainbow butt, best butt?

Sorry Applejack, you're still not going any higher on my list, no matter how hard you try to seem cute.

Ponies vs dinosaurs... I could get behind that.

I might sound crazy, but I'm starting to get over Fluttershy. (Shocked gasps fill the room.)

This is probably the first and only time I'm going to say I like Applejack the best.

The wild Pinkie swims upstream to its native mating grounds.


  1. hey, Dusty, do you know that there is another version of that picture of RD, with her tail to the side? =P

    1. Oh yes, I just couldn't post it here. ;)