May 1, 2013

Pony Pics 179

2 seconds later.  Fluttershy jumps from the treetops, her katana in hoof.  With a mighty blow Carrot Top is split in twain, her mouth still curved into a smile before falling apart with a sticky "schlock" sound.  "That's what happens when you try to steal my animal friends from me," Fluttershy says, her voice cold and hollow.  ...wait, isn't that what you guys thought of when you first saw this pic?  Oh... just me?

Nothing, there is absolutely nothing worthwhile to post today and unlike some sites I won't mention, I don't post up news that isn't worth reading.  So it's going to be pretty much just a Pony Pics kind of day and you're gonna like it.

Rainbow = Me whenever I started reading comments sections on any given web site... I rage very easily.

It's kind of hilarious that Rarity just turned into a larger version of Colgate.

Oh Bioshock: Infinite, how I was s hyped for you and how you were so lackluster and disappointing, squandering all my hopes and dreams.  ...I'm not upset, why do you ask?!?!?!

Snorlax and Pinkie Pie, not two personalities I would have paired.

That reminds me, how is that Pony cart racing game coming?  I'm still willing to be there's a better chance of Hell freezing over than it being released, but that's just pessimistic ole me.

A wild shiny Discord appeared!

Not really sexy, but humanized princesses in bathing suites below.

I was going to make a "Summer isn't the only thing that's coming" ... but it just isn't sexy enough for that kind of joke.  I mean come on, my penis does have standards.


  1. I, for one, welcome our new toothpaste overlord. XD

    BTW, Dusty, I'll have you know that there's a little place in Michigan that's called Hell, and it freezes over just about every winter. ;)

    1. Heh, yeah there's a place here in South Carolina called Hell Hole, it's actually quite a lovely place.