May 21, 2013

Looking Back and Moving On: The Series - Suggestions?

So, after my "Looking Back and Moving On" post, taking a look at "Magical Mystery Cure," I was wondering two things:

1) Do you guys want me to do a "Looking Back and Moving On" post for another episode? And make this an ongoing series?

2) If yes, which episode do you want me to do next?

And just fyi, unless #1 gets a unanimous "No," then I will definitely be doing a series. I just want you guys to give your opinions as to which episode(s) should come next.

They can be either the good episodes or the bad episodes, I'll do the same analysis either way. But like "Magical Mystery Cure," I'd prefer to look at episodes that are polarizing. So I'd rather look at a Season 2/Season 3 episode than a Season 1 episode.

Some points to keep in mind though when suggesting an episode:

1) I will ONLY look at episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Don't ask me to look at other cartoons, other shows, or even other MLP generations. This includes "Equestria Girls," when it airs, as being off-limits. (Though after it airs, I may change my mind about that.)

2) Two-parter episodes do count as two episodes. If you want me to do "The Return of Harmony," for example, you have to specify whether you mean Part 1 or Part 2. You can suggest the other one afterwards.

3) Unless there's an overwhelming opposition to this, I'll try to get out a "Looking Back and Moving On" post weekly. (This means that you won't ever go more than seven days without one. It does not mean that I will for-sure have one every Friday, or every Monday, or every Tuesday, or every Sunday or whatever.)

4) I will not look at an episode that I have already looked at previously. Even if my opinion of the episode has changed since then. I'd rather get out new material, so don't suggest something that I've already done. If I feel, of my own free will, that it is worth re-doing an episode, I will do that, but it's incredibly unlikely.

5) I will take suggestions for episodes to look at forever. If you didn't get a chance to suggest an episode this week, you can suggest one next week.

6) You may not suggest a MLP:FiM episode, unless its original airdate is at least six weeks in the past. Right now, that means that all 65 episodes are fair game. When Season 4 is airing though, you can't suggest episodes until they reach that threshold. Same goes with future seasons. Well, technically I guess you CAN suggest them, but I will ignore those suggestions. The reason for this is because I want to look at the episodes in HINDSIGHT, for one. And for another, I don't want to compete with Dusty's reviews.

7) While I will look at what people want all the time, it is NOT a majority-rule. If I feel that an episode with just a single vote would be more interesting than something with ten votes, I'll do that one instead. But I won't totally ignore your suggestions either. My rule-of-thumb is going to be that I can only do episodes that people have suggested (unless I don't have any suggestions), so I can't just choose an episode that nobody wanted me to do.

8) I reserve the right to change these rules at any time.


  1. If you think you can handle it then this sounds like a great idea. And I appreciate you not wanting to overlap with my reviews, I appreciate it!

    Now my suggestions would be first and foremost Magic Duel, you know my feelings on it and I'd like to see you go through it and pick it apart. And for another suggestion I'd just like to see you do something from season one, an episode that was actually good.

  2. Also, you can do these whenever you want, they don't have to be a weekly thing. But if you do commit to the weekly thing, then you can do it on whatever days you want, but I'd like to throw this out there. And days other than Saturday or Wednesday would probably be better. Why? Those are the days I do Pony Pics. So? We don't really post huge amounts of stuff on OIM and sometimes it can go a few days without any updates, so I just figure if you wait and post these up on the days I'm not online, it would help balance out our posting and not have big gaps of nothing for a couple of days. But that's just some food for thought.