May 18, 2013

Hub Saturday(?) Lineup for 5/18(?)

This Sunday's new episode of Secret Millionaires Club is gonna be so spoopy. I think I might pook my pants.
I've come down with a cold and I don't feel like doing ANYTHING right now, but that isn't going to stop me from at least posting the new Hub Saturday Lineup (if you can even call it that).
But anyway, there's actually nothing going on this Saturday (May 18) aside from a five-hour Animaniacs marathon that will be starting at 12:00PM ET. However, on Sunday (May 19), we'll actually be getting a new episode of Secret Millionaires Club. And this one involves a supposed paranormal haunting! While some people may question the reasoning behind the timing for this particular episode, I say it's never too early for Halloween-y goodness.
Check below for the details!

Secret Millionaires Club 9:00AM ET on Sunday, 5/19
"Paranormally We Don't Do This Kind of Thing"
"The SMC kids travel to Scotland to investigate a bed and breakfast that may be haunted. In order to save the business, they’ll have to disprove the rumors of ghosts and devise a plan to attract new customers."


  1. Sorry you're not feeling to swuft, get better asap!

    1. Thanks, Dusty! I'm not feeling as congested now, so I'm hoping that means I'm well on the road to recovery.