May 22, 2013

Comic Releases for 5/22

I apologize for taking until the day that this stuff is coming out before doing the "Comic Releases" post again, but hey, at least I got it out a BIT quicker this time...
Anyway, today we've got issue #17 of "The Transformers: Robots in Disguise" coming out, AND... (it's not at all related to My Little Pony or Transformers, but I'm gonna push it again anyway) issue #2 of "House of Gold & Bones"!
As always, you can check out the summaries and previews below!

The Transformers: Robots in Disguise #17
Story by: John Barber, Art by: Livio Ramondelli
"SHOCKWAVES! The fate of Cybertron is sealed -- but what is the DECEPTICON scientist called SHOCKWAVE planning? After the stunning revelations in MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE, learn the origin of the one-eyed, gun-handed master of machinations... and the countdown begins for the biggest TRANSFORMERS event in comic book history."
SPOILERS > Click here to check out a preview of this issue on < SPOILERS
comiXology link: Transformers: Robots In Disguise Ongoing

House of Gold & Bones #2
Story by: Corey Taylor, Art by: Richard Clark
"Traveling through his new reality, the Human stumbles across an unlikely ally. But with the zombielike Numbers hounding their steps, they must make some unusual choices to avoid capture in an unknown world, with troubling consequences. But can the Human really trust his new friend’s advice and find his way home again?"
SPOILERS > Click here to check out a preview of this issue on < SPOILERS
Dark Horse store link: House of Gold & Bones #2 (Remember that the Dark Horse store offers both digital and print versions. When making a purchase, make sure that you're clicking the version you want!)

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  1. Yay, more Transformers comics... although the one I really want is More Than Meets The Eye!!!