May 28, 2013

About "Looking Back and Moving On" - Sorry for the slight hiccup

It was originally my plan to do these things on Mondays. I'm just letting you know that this won't be possible for this week. Which I know is a bad sign when I couldn't keep up my first episode.

But just know that I've been incredibly busy this week and haven't even had any time to look at other OIM posts, let alone make my own.

My brother is actually graduating high school this week, and I'm getting everything ready for a few parties and the like for him. But I promise that I'll have "Looking Back and Moving On" next week, so sit tight!


  1. Don't worry about it, GS. We all have those moments when we're just about too busy to breathe, heh. Anyway, congratulations to your brother!

    Us folks here at OIM will be looking forward to your upcoming Looking Back and Moving On post, but there's certainly no need to rush it!

  2. It's cool, I won't even hit you with my new taskmaster whip.