Apr 1, 2013

New Poll - Favorite Fanmade Episode?

Picture is totally irrelevant, so it's just some Best Pony stopping by.

With three two one decent fanmade episodes done, I figured it's time to get everypony's opinion.

Which was your favorite?

The original Dusk's Dawn that came at us months before the other two? Despite us not realizing it - heh. Sorry 'bout that. ^^'

Snowdrop, the first one for this month that gave us a great look into weather in Equestrian History?

The recent Double Rainboom, the first one that didn't use OCs and tried to capture the essence of the show?

Vote now!


  1. I haven't seen Double Rainboom yet, but if anyone votes for Dusk's Dawn we need to get the torches and pitchforks.

  2. Well, no need to state my opinion here. It looks like the poll is already speaking my mind.