Apr 8, 2013

Fanmade Episode Poll Results

What was your favorite fanmade MLPFiM episode?

- Dusk's Dawn: 0 (0%)
- Snowdrop: 5 (62%)
- Double Rainboom: 2 (25%)
- I loved all of them!: 0 (0%)
- I hated all of them!: 1 (12%)

It looks like Snowdrop ended up winning this one. Can't say I'm surprised - it was definitely the best.

And I guess I'll go ahead and drop my thoughts here:

Dusk's Dawn gets a 1/10 as an episode, and a 3/10 as a fan video.
Snowdrop gets a 4/10 as an episode, and a 6/10 as a fan video.
Double Rainboom gets a 3/10 as an episode, and a 8/10 as a fan video.

Coincidentally, my "episode" scores are the same as Dusty's. Weird.

1 comment:

  1. Great minds think alike, or we're both just jaded.