Apr 3, 2013

Double Rainboom, Snowdrop, and Dusk's Dawn Review

And with this I probably sign my death warrant.  Double RainboomSnowdropDusk's Dawn.


  1. You got the "Ex Machina" part right, but I couldn't tell if you said "Deus" like "dose" or "day-ose". It should be the latter.

  2. Wow, that whole video was pretty harsh, even by your standards... That said, I agree with pretty much everything you said, heh. Especially that Double Rainboom's animation was firmly embedded in the uncanny valley, and that the "episode" wasted a lot of time on stuff that didn't add anything to the story or entertainment value. The whole thing just felt really odd to watch. And yeah, the talent was obviously there, but the execution just kind of fell flat...

    1. Well, the animation, VAs, and ESPECIALLY the music were amazing. The only thing that sucked was the writing. While Zachary Rich is a good animator and director, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, get him as far away from the script as possible for the next fanmade episode.