Apr 6, 2013

Bronies React, Fluttershy Cries

Bronies React to the finale.  I'll be honest, I haven't watched this for two reasons.  1. I'm sort of over these guys.  2. I'm 99.9999999999999999999999999999% percent sure it's going to be a lot of "Oh no!  Twilicorn!  The world is coming to an end" making fun of people like me who didn't like the finale while simultaneously praising how awesome it was.  That'll only lead to me getting blisteringly angry, so I'm going to pass.  If one of you watch it leave a comment on whether or not it goes that route.

Another one of those know your mare things.  Another one of those things I don't particularly like... I'm not old man complains-a-lot!!!!  Gall Lee, I need to make a video or something talking bout things I do like.


  1. Alright, I just watched the new "Bronies React", and they didn't really make a big deal out of the Twilicorn stuff. They also didn't give the episode any exceptional amount of praise or criticism, just joked about various details as they came up. Overall, I'd say it was pretty entertaining, but not the best that they've done.

    Yes Dusty, you are a grump, but you're our grump and we like you just fine the way you are. XD You're right though, I can't imagine it would hurt to also give us your opinion on something you do like. Never hurts to have a little change of pace every now and then.

    1. I.. I'm not sure my body will let me do a positive video... but damn if I can't try! I'm still working on that big review... and by working I mean putting off.