Mar 3, 2013

The Future of GoldenSandslash - PLEASE READ

Hi, all. GoldenSandslash here.

I wasn't originally going to review the Micro-series comics, like I do with the other comics, but something happened to me.

Something absolutely wonderful.

I got the resources to go back to school and get my life back together. I cannot wait to return to my university in the fall, and greatly anticipate it. I already got a lot of the work already done in terms of being able to enroll, and am even going to be living with a very close friend of mine for about nine months starting in September.

But this comes at a price: I'm done here.

Is this the end of my affiliation with Obsession Is Magic? HELL NO! All of you people have been extremely good to me, and I will never turn my back on you. Is this the end of my comic reviews? Well, maybe. Depending on how easy it is to get the comics while I'm at the university, it may or may not be a continuing thing. If it does continue, it will be text-based. I will not be able to put in the time to make a video every month on top of schoolwork. Am I done with my YouTube channel and videos in general? Eh, probably not. I will definitely be on indefinite hiatus in September, but if a big event comes along that warrants a video, I'll do it. But you can expect regular videos to stop. I apologize for this, but I hope you realize that it's a good cause, my education. ^_^

Now, this brings me to my comic reviews. It was my original intent to continue out this Pinkamena storyline for a long while. I had a lot of plot twists planned, and it was gonna be really cool. Now, that will not be happening. My storyline had to be drastically rewritten, and I figured, I might as well end it with my next review: that way, I end it when the comic ends its storyline as well. However, even the condensed storyline was impossible to finish in just one video. So I decided to review the micro-series comic anyways.

Now, I have 70 minutes of footage recorded for the review/storyline, which has been transferred, so it just needs to be edited. But I can't do it.

Not because of technological problems or anything, and in fact, I could edit and get it out right now if you guys wanted me to. The block that I'm experiencing is an internal psychological one. See, here's the thing:


Yeah, this isn't what I wanted to do with my life, and as I realize this, I wonder why I should put in the time and effort into something that I really don't care about.

The reason why I did a video series was simple: the first comic had a huge event at my local comic store that I felt the need to cover. And that just set a precedent that I felt the need to follow up on. Every comic got a video.

For this reason, I saw the new and rewritten storyline to be a blessing. Just do the Micro-Series, do the fourth comic, and then just a raw upload of me explaining my thoughts on the storyline (including explaining its original intent), and then I would be done! It was my "Get Out Of Jail Free" card.

I want to upload the video. Just to finish the storyline. But working on the editing is kinda not sitting well with me. I filmed the footage on Thursday. It has literally been sitting there for three days straight, which is unprecedented, because I don't have any motivation.

So I'm here to pose a serious question for you guys: Do you want me to continue this?

If you say yes, then that's a motivator for me, because I would want to avoid disappointing you guys. If you say no, then that's a good reason for me to rest easy. So either way, I'm going to end up a lot better than I am now, stuck in this weird sort of limbo place.


  1. To clarify, your choice will only affect my videos. I will still continue to post stuff on the blog.

  2. First things first, congratulations! As for whether or not you continue your video reviews, I may not be the best person to seek advice from. I'd certainly enjoy seeing more comic reviews from you, but if you feel that your time would be better utilized doing something else, I say you should just go for that instead. I know it can be hard to just follow your heart when you're teetering between two decisions like this though.

  3. Hurray for life improving happenings! I'm glad it seems your life is on the up and up.

    I say go ahead and edit the stuff you got recorded. You've got the recording done, so might as well not let it go too waste. Plus I like watching your videos.

    Now whether or not you should continue making more videos, well that's only for you to decide. It just depends on 2 things, your drive to do it and your ability (as in if you have time) to do it.

    Either way, I'm glad you're not leaving us. I was worried for a moment that you were completely leaving OIM.