Mar 20, 2013

Pony Pics 169

Oh please, Rarity can do so much better than Applejack.

Rarity has crabs? ...I'd still hit that.

Rarity has crabs? ...I'd still... wait, this sounds familiar.

You know what, Sapphire Shores should come back as a villain.   I don't know how or why, but it just need to happen.  Maybe she takes Rarity hostage and forces her to make dresses for her forever.

One day the show is going to revel that they're actually mortal enemies, and then there will be mass suicides in the fandom.

You know how zap apple jam was "so important" but we've never seen it outside of that one episode.  Apparently it's so good that the ponies just gorge themselves until there's not a single drop left.


  1. Pfft. I say it's Applejack who can do better than Rarity! AppleDash is a much better pairing. XD

    That said, perhaps Rarity should stop fighting the giant crabs, and then we can just go ahead and ship her with one of them. LOL.

  2. Regarding the first one, is that supposed to be her using her hooves as boobies or something? O_o

    That is... kinda an odd idea.

    1. Super late response: I'm pretty sure it's just the shape of the apron that's making it look like that, and that her front legs are actually behind her back. That said, the apron being that shape in the first place is weird enough, lol.