Mar 30, 2013

Pony bits and bobs

So that fanmade "episode" Double Rainboom comes out tonight at 9 here, then thirty minutes later it'll be uploaded to their Youtube Channel.  Then next Wednesday I'll have a review tearing it too pieces.

The Mane6 team reached their goal, so that means they'll be getting the Skull Girls "Z Engine".  Although seeing as how they're game is technically not about My Little Pony any more, I'm not sure why we're even still following this.

There's going to be another MLP manga, this time in Pucchigumi magazine.  Whether it'll be any good or not is anyone's guess.  Here's hoping for tentacles!

And that's pretty much it for MLP news.  Equestria Daily drove the last nail in my hatred coffin today, but that's a video for another day... Celestia damned philistines!

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