Mar 27, 2013

Pet unicorn?

Okay, so we can't have unicorns as pets, but with this handy inflatable device you can torture you pets and pretend you're actually snuggling Rarity instead.  It says it's for cats, but if your a sensible person and instead have a dog, I suppose it'll also work for them as well.  For $8.86, you can buy them here.


  1. Saw this on the internet a few days ago and facepalmed so hard that I nearly broke my nose. =P ...But seriously, this is one messed up joke, I say. The box even says "Cats love it!" I very much doubt that, you conniving piece of cardboard! I can only wonder how many victims will fall prey to this trickery and suffer the clawed wrath of their unamused critters.

    ...You should be safe putting it on Puffy though, Dusty. XD

    1. Yeah, I'm halfway tempted to buy one just so I can put it on her, but it would probably take her .00009 seconds before she scrubbed it off.

  2. And it looks like it has a certain, ahem, other use.